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Numbering Tips

Our flexible numbering templates make it possible for us to meet your special needs. If you can think of it, we can probably do it. For churches using digital number boards, you will be limited to the number of digits on the board, typically two, three, or four digits. Some churches use different number ranges for different rooms such as 100-199 for the one-year-olds, 200-299 for the two-year-olds and so on. It is common for churches with two or more different label designs to use different number ranges for each label design. Whatever number ranges you chose, try to keep your job simple. If a complicated numbering system requires an hour a week to keep straight, the benefits to the system may not be worth the extra effort. Please feel free to call us with questions about numbering imprints. Our friendly staff understands how our numbering system works and can help you work out the best system for your nursery.

The custom labels are sold in quantities of 800. The standard number range is 100-899. When considering custom number ranges, keep in mind that each quantity of 800 labels will include eight sets of labels numbered X00-X99. The "X" position can be any number, numbers, or letters you like. For example an order of 800 labels could include eight sets of labels numbered from 100-199 or it could include four sets of labels numbered from 100-199 and four sets of labels numbered from 200-299. An order of 1600 labels could be numbered from 100-1699. You can also choose to leave your labels un-numbered. Just select "No Numbers” in the Number Sequence box. If you want a space for pager numbers, select "Pager # Line".

Here are some examples of numbering sequences for 2 and 3-Part Labels:

Order of 800 Labels Order of 1600 Labels Order of 2400 Labels
1 set #100-899 1 set #100-1699 1 set #100-2499
1 set #000-799 2 sets #100-899 3 sets #100-899
2 sets #000-399 4 sets #100-499 6 sets #100-499
4 sets #100-299 8 sets #600-899 12 sets #000-199

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