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Customer Testimonials

Church: Life Church (formerly Aloha Christian Life Center)
Denom: Assembly of God
City/State: Aloha, OR
Contact: Michael Jester, Children's Pastor

Life Church uses the Safekids 3-part labels and alert tags. Michael First heard of SafeKids through his previous church, Mariners in California. He implemented SafeKids labels at his present church because the church was using plastic key chains with numbers that never changed thereby making it easy to abduct a child.

"We use the 3-part label and it has really helped. Having the diaper tag, child's tag and claim tag all in one was very handy. SafeKids turnaround time and quality are also very good."

Church: Calvary Chapel
Denom: Assembly of God
City/State: North Phoenix, AZ
Contact: Tamara Saggio, Children's Ministry

"Parents, volunteers, and staff LOVE them."

"We have tried different systems that usually involve safety pins. These labels are easy to use. You can stick the label right on the child."

"We try to be careful about allergies. We really like the diaper bag tag."

"We use the labels in our children's ministries. We have 300 children in our children's ministries."

Church: Cornerstone Baptist
Denom: Baptist
City/State: Plano, TX
Contact: Brittany Gregory, Children's Director

Cornerstone Baptist uses our 2-part labels and alert tags.

"Not having to keep up with permanent labels is nice."

"Since the parents have the tag with an assigned number, we don't have to go hunting for parents."

"The labels and alert tags are easy to use."

Church: Hickory Flat UMC
Denom: Methodist
City/State: Canton, GA
Contact: Amanda Jacks, Nursery Director

Hickory Flat UMC is starting to use nursery labels as a way to implement "Safe Sanctuary" plan for all United Methodist Churches. Safe Sanctuary is a program geared toward eliminating child abuse, improving protection of children. No one is allowed in the nursery without a background check.

Church: Knox Presbyterian
Denom: Presbyterian
City/State: Ann Arbor, MI
Contact: Cathy Brace, Director of Children's Ministries

Knox Presbyterian has been a customer for 4 years (since 2000) uses 2-part labels.

"It ups the safety factor 10 fold and they are very uncomplicated."

"Simple and effective"

Church: Living Stones Christian
Denom: Christian
City/State: Chesapeake, VA
Contact: Tina Goodwin, Preschool and Nursery Director

Living Stones Christian has been a customer for 3 years. They use 2-part label for nursery through 5-year-old preschool classes.

"We love them and think they are wonderful."

"We tried several different security systems when we first started. Anyone could walk in off the street and pick up a child. Now, parents must have claim tag to pick up their child. If they don't, they have to wait until all the other children are picked up, then present their license for identification."

Church: Grace UMC
Denom: United Methodist
City/State: Shrewsburg, PA
Contact: Kelly Thomas, Nursery Administrator

"We love them and they work great. They are a great thing. We recently shared SafeKids info with a new church who had seen the tags while touring our church nursery. We told them how great they are and shared your company contact info with them. The labels catch everyone's attention because they are so handy."

SafeKids, Inc. PO Box 4520, Beaufort, SC 29903