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About SafeKids, Inc.
How it all began........

The Kindwall FamilySafeKids, Inc. was founded by Jim and Lisa Kindwall. Like many of us called to Children's Ministries, they volunteered their way into the job. Jim and Lisa began serving in the nurseries of their church soon after joining and before long Lisa was called upon to schedule volunteers and supervise the nurseries during one of the services. A frustrating and time consuming part of the job was managing the check-in and security system consisting of several forms and a two part token system similar to the tokens used for checking coats. One token was safety pinned to the child's garment and the other token went with the parent. The concept was sound, but in practice most of the parent tokens went home with the parent and once in a while kids were getting stuck with pins. To make matters worse, the token sets had to be sorted, collated, and missing parts replaced every week. A process usually taken more than an hour on Saturday evenings after the children were sent to bed.

Before long, Lisa had had enough of the token/safety pin/form method and was looking for a better system. Like many good wives - she came to her husband for a solution! Jim, who had a background in graphics and printing, tried several different ideas before settling on a consecutively numbered 2-part label that combined the essentials of information gathering, child identification, parent paging, and pick-up security into one neat little package. According to Lisa, everyone is entitled to one good idea and Jim's used up his!

Before long, Jim was called to serve as the full time Director of Children's Ministries for their church learning the management side of Nurseries, Sunday School, Awana and VBS. Every once in a while Children's Ministers from other churches would call wondering how they could get those nifty labels for their church. Eventually, Jim and Lisa set up a small home based business for Lisa to run while taking care of and homeschool their then three and now five children. As the years went by and calls increased, homeschool teens would come to the home to help with the business in the afternoons. Another homeschool mom worked from her home designing labels and a man from church set up a print shop in a spare room in his home. Jim would cut labels evenings with a hydraulic paper cutter he bought on ebay.

This new child identification label business went great for a while, but as the business grew so did the demands on Jim and Lisa's time. There's and old saying "Be careful what you pray for!" It wasn't uncommon for Lisa to have three or four people in her home working on the business while she was trying to school the children and take care of the babies (two in diapers). Jim decided the time was right and retired from full time ministry after serving his congregation for seven years. The business was moved into a new location in the fall of 2003 and Jim has been working to grow the business by offering a wider range of products and services to make the lives of nursery directors easier and the children they serve safer.

SafeKids, Inc. PO Box 4520, Beaufort, SC 29903