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Ethernet Visual-Pager® System - Microframe Model D4640 (4-Digit)
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    The Ethernet Numeric Visual-Pager® Display is the most elegant and seamless Ethernet Numeric visual-paging system on the market today. The Ethernet display is fully configurable from our Free Android and Apple iOS app for smartphones and tablets. Once configured, it will join your existing network allowing you to add and delete Numeric messages using just the app or from any PC or MAC on the network. Easily add as many ethernet displays as you would like and control all displays at once, or on...

    Tilt Mounting Bracket for LED Displays
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    Item #: A09X0-3630 -

      The tilt wall mounting bracket kit allows you to hang a display at an easy viewing angle and helps to hide wires. These brackets work with most all Microframe LED displays within the Visual-Paging® categories.