We will create a custom design to meet your exact needs, style and branding using your answers to the questions below. An initial design proof will be emailed to you within a couple days of placing your order. We will quickly make revisions based on your response and email another proof. We will revise your design as many times as necessary until your layout is perfect! 

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Price: $101.00
    This is a:

    Background Color:
    • White
    • Yellow
    • Gold
    • Light Orange
    • Orange
    • Red
    • Lavender
    • Purple
    • Light Blue
    • Blue
    • Teal
    • Light Pink
    • Pink
    • Light Green
    • Medium Green
    • Green
    • Black & White (Grayscale)

    Parent Stub Artwork:
    • Kids Playing
    • Jesus & Kids
    • Background Handprint
    • Baby & Teddy Bear
    • Use My Logo
    • Special Request

    Child Label Style:
    • Infant/Toddler
    • All Purpose 1
    • All Purpose 2
    • My Name Is

    How do you summon parents when needed?:

    Our standard numbering sequence is 100 & up. Have something else in mind? Please let us know here (optional)
    Logo/Clipart Upload (optional) (Max file size is 5MB)
    Comments, Changes and Requests (optional)
    Make Your Job Easier! Our 2 Part Nursery Security Labels offer an easy and cost effective way to check children into your nursery! They provide the information your nursery workers need in a handy location, summon parents to your nursery when problems arise, and provide a security feature when parents pick-up their child. The 2 part label set includes a large label that parents fill out providing information about themselves and their children. The label is affixed to the child's clothing. The small label (the security stub) includes information about your paging and pick-up policies and includes and optional security number that can be matched against the corresponding number on the child's label when parent's pick-up their child. The dimensions of these labels are 2 1/8 inches by 5 1/2 inches.

    Custom Design your 2-Part Nursery Label based on the sample above. Our talented graphic designers will take the options you select and create a custom design to meet the special needs of your nursery. A design "Proof" will be emailed to you for your approval. If the design is perfect, just let us know and we'll print your order right away. If more changes need to be made, mark up the proof with your changes and fax the proof back to us or give us a call. We'll make the changes and send you a new proof as many times as necessary to create the perfect label for you!